Returns December 6-8th, 2023

After a successful launch in 2022, THE Conference: Live at Lititz will return December 6th, 7th, and 8th 2023.  In partnership with the Rock Lititz Community, CJMS (Charlie Hernandez, Jake Berry, Marty Hom, and Stuart Ross) will continue the work of collaboration, growth, and mentorship at the second annual conference.


The inaugural 2022 conference featured over 620 attendees, 30 sponsors and vendors, and 70 diverse speakers. With interactive panels, targeted meetups, townhalls, interactive workshops, product demonstrations, company tours, and themed social events each night, the event was described by multiple attendees as “a homecoming for the live-event industry.”


Andrea Shirk, CEO of Rock Lititz shares, “From the beginning, our team has built THE Conference using our guiding principles––create engaging and actionable content, showcase diverse voices and experiences, support our words with actions, and provide personalized, inclusive, and accessible social opportunities for all. We challenged ourselves with each decision to make sure we stayed true to our intentions, and in doing so, built a strong foundation for this conference to grow.”


Realizing the appetite for deep conversation, dynamic content, and connection, THE Conference: Live at Lititz is excited to welcome more attendees to Rock Lititz for the 2023 conference. Available tickets will increase to 800 with a focus on adding more new, unique perspectives to these important conversations. Save the date to see why 96% of attendees said they would recommend this event!


Marty Hom explains, “THE Conference is all about growing the next generation of touring and live-event professionals by offering real opportunities to connect and grow as a community. Throughout the 2022 event, we saw some of the leaders of the industry sitting down with the next generation of talent in ways that were personal and meaningful. We can’t wait to expand on this in the years to come.”


Tickets will go on sale to the public April 11th, 2023. Stay tuned for more details on THE Conference: Live at Lititz website and social media channels.

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